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Dragon City is a free-to-play social game that allows players to raise their own dragons and interact with each other. Dragon City is a popular game that offers endless enjoyment for all types of players – from the gamer who loves collecting items to the one who likes interacting with friends. With over 150 million downloads worldwide, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about Dragon City’s upcoming updates!

Dragon City Release Date

The first time, the dragon city game was released on 8 May 2012. After many testing and updates, it was officially launched for android and iOS later.

The dragon city release date according to the google play store is 3 July 2013. The game is available to download and play. At this time, downloads of the dragon city game are 100 million plus on the play store.

The Microsoft Windows version of the dragon city game was released on 26 February 2019 according to Wikipedia. Now the fans can play the game with friends on PC also.

After the great success of dragon city, its apk version was launched and people became very happy as they can enjoy many features now.

Dragon city apk

Is dragon city shutting down?

No, Dragon City is not shutting down. The game is still very popular and there are no plans to shut it down.

On the contrary, they have been expanding the game with more dragons, more habitats, and other unique features.

Is Dragon City still popular?

Dragon City was one of the most popular social games on Facebook in 2012, with over 50 million monthly active users. However, its popularity has increased in recent years. People are still interested in it and the player’s army is increasing day by day.

Is dragon city dying?

There’s been a lot of talks lately about whether dragon city is dying. The simple answer is NO. It is still a popular game with lots of fans. But on the other hand, it’s definitely lost some of its popularity. Whether or not it’s truly dying though is up for debate.

There are a few factors that could be contributing to the decline of dragon city. One is that the game is simply getting old. It was released way back in 2012, so it’s definitely starting to show its age. Another possibility is that players are getting bored of the game. It can be tough to keep coming back to a game that you’ve already put so much time into, especially if there isn’t anything new to keep you interested.

The decline of dragon city might also have something to do with the rise of other games. In recent years, there have been a lot of new and exciting games released that have captured the attention of gamers everywhere. With so many options available, it’s not surprising that some players would start to gravitate towards other games instead of dragon city.

Having a lot of reasons for its decline, it is still fighting with the reasons and lives in heart of players. Dragon City apk also saved it as many people loved to play it due to fewer limitations.

Dragon City Updates

The Dragon City blog is the best place to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates for the game. From new features and content to special events and more, the Dragon City blog is a must-read for any fan of the game. You can also get its updates from apkcrowd website.

Download and install the game and enjoy it with your friends. If you have any questions about the dragon city apk, you can ask in the comments.

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